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Consilium Expert Group

Infrastructure References


  • Project “Highway Zagreb-Macelj”
  • Project “Highway Dragonja-Pula and Kanfanar-Matulji”
  • Project “Highway Zagreb-Karlovac-Rijeka”
  • Project “Highway Zagreb – Lipovac”
  • Project “Highway Zagreb-Varaždin-Goričan”
  • Croatian Motorways Ltd.
  • Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Construction
  • Investment programme for the state road D1


  • “Port of Rijeka”
  • “Port of Ploće”
  • “Port of Ploće Authority”
  • Project “New port of Vukovar”
  • Project „Port of Osijek“


  • New Zagreb Airport – Consulting Services

Water supply networks

  • Water supply project “Great Man Made River in Libya”
  • Regional water supply for the “NPKLM region
  • Water supply system for the Moslavaćka Posavina river valley
  • Water supply system for Eastern Slavonia
  • Water supply system for the Koprivničko-Krizevaćka county
  • Water supply system for the Bjelovarska-Bilogorska county
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