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Planning to invest in Croatia? Want to explore the opportunities and eliminate risks?

Our studies are summarized research and analysis efforts undertaken to assess the market demand and feasibility of luxury real estate development projects in Croatia.

Based on various research documents and industry publications and the latest statistical data from the Croatian Ministry and Croatian National Tourist Bord our studies allows you to:

  • understand luxury tourism market
  • found out investment opportunities
  • prepare for and eliminate potential risks

Furthermore, the data was collected and analyzed from some of the most prominent real estate, tourism and research companies such as Colliers Croatia, FocusEconomics, Horwath Consulting, Fitch (BMI), Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija, Croatian National Statistics Bureau and Institute for Tourism, as well as our own research and survey with the luxury real estate companies in Croatia.

If you want to support your decision regarding investment in Croatia please fulfill personal and company data below and cite the name of the report you would like to purchase.

Country Risk Report Croatia

Prepare for and eliminate potential risks.
Country Risk Report cost: 500 EUR

Tourism, Luxury Residences Market

In-depth analysis of luxury tourism and residental market.
Market Research Report cost: 600 EUR

We kindly ask you to review the data you are filling before sending and we will get back to you with proposal. After we receive your payment, we will send the report electronically at your email address within three days of your payment.

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