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Smrka Bay Marina

The port of nautical tourism Smrka is located in Smrka bay on the south side of Brač Island, the third largest island in the Adriatic.

About the project

Separated by the Brač Channel and situated in its immediate vicinity is Split, the largest town on the east Adriatic coast and the closest international airport. On the south, Hvar Channel stands between Brač and the island of Hvar and on its west side, the Split Gate divides it from the island of Šolta.

Project description

The location of the project includes a part of the coastal area of Smrka bay and the sea area along this coast. The length of the coast that covers the harbor is approximately 433.00 m. With its natural location the bay is protected from the influence of the waves from all directions except SW. Approach to the location from the seaside is open from the south (Hvar Channel). The main approach to the port of nautical tourism Smrka is realized from the current macadam road Osibova-Bol.

Project description

The port of nautical tourism Smrka consists of land-based contents, naval portions like shingle boats, gulls with berths, landscaped shore, boat launcher and service-service plateau. The size of the area of the port is 36,814 m². The conceptual solution of the marina is based on the capacity according to spatial plans of the location Nerežišća with 150 berths, and the organization of the harbor, the position and the shape of the breakwater, and the length of the vessels for which the berths are planned are adapted to the natural conditions (depth of sea, wind and flow).

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