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Coral Residences Crikvenica, Croatia

Situated on the northern Adriatic coast, as an excellent meeting point of the continental and sea area, Crikvenica has a lot of different surrounding areas with entirely different climate, cultural heritage, and cuisine, fascinating to explore.

About the project

Adjective; deluxe; urban; modern: sophisticated; elegant. Clean air and excellent location with a breathtaking view are the key strengths of this development project. The concept of the project reflects the Mediterranean style open spaces linked to exterior spaces, and embodies „genius loci", the spirit of the place, using stone as its predominant material.
Web: www.coral-residences.com

Project description

Project Crikvenica consists of four villas, each with its own parking spaces and pool. Each villa has up to four suite bedrooms, a large living area with kitchen and dining, large balconies and a big open space with a pool and barbeque area.

Project description

The project`s specific goal is putting the needs of the customer first. Creating beautiful, modern and luxurious interior design, a kind of dream-scape using established and recognized brands helps to build trust and uniqueness.

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